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SEO, Website & PPC Experts for Home Service Companies

Our experts specialize in helping Home Service Businesses in 3 key areas: Website Design, SEO, & PPC Management.

Our Toronto SEO experts and Website Designers work to increase your visibility on Google & convert more visitors into phone calls, leads & profits.

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Home Services Websites

Web Design for Home Service Companies

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. It’s your company’s online office & one of the first things customers see when interacting with your brand.

If your website falls short, you will be leaving profits on the table, no matter how well optimized your digital marketing campaigns are.

That’s why we focus heavily on optimizing your website, before moving into our SEO services. 

Fixing up your website will not only allow you to put your best foot forward to customers, but it plays a crucial part in our SEO efforts. That’s because Google’s ranking algorithm looks at your website (along with 600 other things) to determine what keywords you should rank for.

Our take will build your company a website that looks great, converts your visitors into leads really well, and is ready to rank you higher in search engines.

Website pricing from $1499

Concept of a website design we did for a home services company offering HVAC services in Toronto
SEO rankings showing client in New Jersey ranking 1st place for Plumbers in their market

Home Services SEO

SEO Services To Get Your Company Found

We work home service & local businesses to improve their rankings on Google and get them found by the customers they want.

Our SEO services focus on targeting unbranded keywords (keywords other than your brand name) that will actually bring in phone calls & booked appointments.

We do this through our expertise in Organic & Local search.

Our SEO agency was founded by a former SEO manager  executed SEO campaigns for some of the biggest home service companies in Canada.

You can rest assured that your business will get the focused attention of true SEO experts that have actually done the work before and are actively ranking clients.

Learn more about our SEO services for businesses in Canada & the USA.

SEO Price Package from $1495/mo

Home Services PPC Management

PPC Management to Minimize Your Cost Per Leads

Our paid search experts have experience building and running campaigns for all types of home service businesses.

Quite often, we see companies overspending on PPC, bidding on irrelevant and non converting keywords, and showing their ads in areas that they don’t service. All these oversights lead to wasted spend and higher cost per leads.

Since we work primarily with home service companies, we understand what an underperforming account looks like and common issues to patch up, when managing a clients Paid Search budget.

PPC Management pricing from $899/mo

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Home Services Digital Marketing

Home Services Digital Marketing Blog

Weekly blog posts from our marketing experts. Our content covers the latest digital marketing tactics for home service businesses, what’s working for search engine optimization, social media and how to properly structure your digital marketing plan.

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Home Services Digital Marketing Strategy

How Do Websites Help Promote Your Home Services?

The foundation of online success in your home services company is a strong website, built to turn visitors into phone calls and leads.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks, there are fundamental elements that are proven to increase the chances that a visitor will call your number or fill out a call back request. Our first housekeeping item is to roll out a new and improved version on your website on your domain. You completely own the site and aren’t just renting it from us, like some providers do.

We build Websites for Home Services to be optimized for speed, mobile friendly with easy click to call buttons and a host of other elements that will are proven to increase conversion rates.

We also support your website management. Whenever a new offer or coupon goes live, or there are any announcements, we make sure to update your website accordingly. One less thing to think about and manage for your office staff.

How Does SEO Help Attract Phone Calls & Leads?

During your website redevelopment we will ensure that your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) signals are completely tuned, so that Google and other search engines understand what searches your business should show up for and rank you as high as possible.

The process of Search Engine Optimization, involves getting your website optimized correctly & building trust & authority with search engines.

Tuning the technical side of your website is half the battle from a Website Optimization standpoint. The other half of effective website search engine optimization for home services is building unique pages for all your services and the top cities & neighborhoods you service. This is critical to maximizing your websites ability to show up high in Google for searches like ‘Drain Cleaning Miami’ or whatever your main services & markets are.

It may seem tedious to do, but these search engine optimization components are critical to getting your SEO right.

Once we’ve tuned your website up and built out the relevant pages, we work to build your websites authority and relevance with quality inbound links. We comb through the top competitors in your market, compile a list of links they have and build those same types of links back to your website.

How Does Paid Search (PPC) Help Drive Phone Calls & Leads?

With everything happening with your new website launch and the time it can take for your search engine optimization results to kick in.

Getting leads to pick up the phone and call your company, is one of our highest priorities.

Within the first month, we’ll work on launching your Google Ads campaign, and if eligible, we will begin the process of getting your company approved for the Google Local Service Ads program.

In order to generate as many calls from the clicks that are purchased, we point your ads to custom built landing pages that are built to convert.

The proper combination of effective website design, strong copy, high quality search engine optimization & well executed PPC for Home Services, is a recipe for success.

One the campaign is launched, we move into the ongoing optimization and campaign PPC campaign management work. On an ongoing basis we will review and update your text ads, keywords, bids, negative keywords, and landing pages to maximize conversion and return on investment.

How Does Retargeting Help My Home Service Company?

Our retargeting ads ensure that if a prospect comes to your website and leaves without completing a our desired action, they will be tagged and shown your ads and offers throughout the web.

Retargeting is a very effective way to increase your conversion rates and also a great opportunity to stay top of for whenever your customer has an emergency and begins looking for a home services company to help them.

We develop groups of custom audiences that we can target with specific ads.

For example, we’ll load up your customer database into Google Ads and make sure we tell Google that when your customers are searching for Plumbing or HVAC services, that we are prepared to pay more to show up at the top. This ensures that your customers see you when they need you and we maximize the chances of them coming back.

How Important Are Online Reviews?

One of the cornerstones of an effective online marketing strategy for Home Services, is building a steady stream of positive online reviews directly to your Google My Business and other important platforms. Ideally you want to be above a 4.3 star rating and have at least 50 reviews on your listing.

You want to have a repeatable and dependable processes to attract these positive reviews to your online listings.

It starts with delivering a great service experience, and then adding a talk track for your technicians to let the customers know that a review request will be coming their way. Using a review request tool can automate the review requests and follow up sequences.

We have an internal tool that we can provide to customers that do not already have a solution for this. Reach out and we can walk you through a demo.

The importance of Call Tracking & Goal Tracking

Tracking the results of your digital marketing efforts is crucial to ensuring continuous improvement and long term success. The simple fact is, you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

You need to think about all the various actions a customer can take to reach your business, and make sure they get tracked in a central system. Google Analytics is helpful for this, but a true Marketing CRM can help. We’ve got one that we provide to all our customers that pulls all the data in and presents it in an easy to understand dashboard.

Important things to track:

  • Phone calls
  • Form submissions
  • Live chat’s
  • Organic Traffic

For Home Service companies, calls tracking is a necessity. You need to implement call tracking on every page of your website and all your Google My Business profile. Call tracking allows us to precisely track how many calls were generated, what the outcome of the calls were, and also saves recordings of the calls for lead handling coaching and customer service purposes (you can revisit what was said and promised).